“Most DIY Concrete Staining Projects end in a costly mess…Follow This Guide to save hundreds or thousands!”

If You Want to Stain the Concrete Floors in Your Home or Business Easily & Economically Then

Please Pay Attention To What I’m about to Tell You…

Dear Future Concrete Artist,

ince 2002 I’ve been dropping jaws and making concrete beautiful.  Ten years may not seem long, but considering it’s only been popular for a few years now, I have years on most people in the trade.  I have had three separate projects in three different publications (Timber Frame Living Magazine, Midwest Living, and Better Homes and Gardens).  I State those facts not to brag, but assure you I am a professional with real world experience.

“All the Products you’ve been told to use are Junk”

I don’t buy any of the Core Products from Places you’ve heard off.  All the nice Pictures you see on Pinterest, they are also brands of stain you have never heard of, sold at places you’ve never been.

Here’s the problem.  I watch the DIY channels on TV over the Weekend too.  I see the products pushed to us on the box store shelves.  The 15 minute segment on stained concrete that ends with a happy home owner with a beautiful floor .  I often think they are trying to give homeowners ideas and inspire them.  But there seems to be a big disconnect on the actual process.  The floors they stain are best case senero without any of the real world situations.  So many steps are not filmed, Skipped, or unclear.  The small things (tips and trick) are the difference between a nice floor, and an ugly mess.

Big box stores, I don’t think are trying to be deceptive.  They just have contracts with some of these huge manufactures…..that say make paint, and when they make a product to stain concrete they have to put it on their shelves instead of putting the products down that really work and professionals use.  They want to branch out into a new market that’s hot, but keep their bread and butter brands (Paint Manufacture in this case) happy.

Everyone Tells you to use something different and Do it a Different Way!

1. Often Advice about Staining Concrete is Jaded.  The Advice is given by someone trying to sell you their products.  So you have to ask your self, did they just help me or sale me?  You need unbiased advice from someone who doesn’t give a darn about the products being used, but by the results they produce.

2. Often on other Concrete Training advice courses, videos, and Books I’ve seen, the instructor/Author spends so much time talking about things like concrete engravers to make fancy patterns, show casing their work portfolio, and not the important things.  Now are you going to spend $10,000 + on engravers, patterns and dyes to stain your floor?  No!   Would you like to know something important like efflorescence that can ruin a Stained Floor?  Yes

3. I lot of research on how to stain concrete is done online.  The advice is given by someone that stained or tried to stain the concrete in their own home and did report on the process and outcome.  I have seen an equal amount of good and bad stories.  Although even on the posts that had a successful outcome, I often find errors in their process that will lead to a real mess in a couple of months.  Whether it’s using a product incorrectly, not cleaning residue, not adjusting ph levels, or using single component patio sealers.

Majority Of DIY Concrete Staining Projects are DOOMED to FAIL on Day 1 “I watched this video on the internet and I ordered this and that and followed their directions, but now…..”

Staining Concrete isn’t hard, you just need a recipe that can help you through variables during your project. What I have created is a recipe for success, touching on variables that every floor might have, and how to overcome them with great success.

What are some of the common problems people face when staining a concrete floor?

  • Concrete doesn’t take Stain.
  • Sealer beads up (big problem).
  • Stain Beads up (bigger problem).
  • Sealer peals off (a huge mess).
  • Stain is very chalky.
  • Using the wrong products to fill holes.
  • Not knowing what to do with the tack strip areas.
  • Removing black glue incorrectly.
  • Creating ugly start and stop points.
  • Using Acid on the Concrete.
  • Removing yellow glue incorrectly.
  • Ghosting from past floors.
  • Wrong sealer selection.
  • Wrong Stain Selection.
  • Not using the right tools (rental stores love to mess this one up).
  • Not checking the two biggest factors before you start (Major Issue).
  • What to do with those lines (control Joints) that are in the concrete.
  • Not getting enough product. And how to measure.

Finally, A Step-by-Step Solution straight from a Professional with extensive field knowledge.  For less Than A Dime a Sqft on Average Projects.



“DIY Stained Concrete Guide”

Step by Step Instructions on How To Stain Concrete

What you get with DIY Stained Concrete Guide….

Tool and Product Knowlege
Contains detailed information on tools and actual products used to professionally stain concrete.  Using the correct products is key, and most DIYers get it wrong, mainly from bad advice.
Skill level doesn’t Matter
The DIY Stained Concrete Guide was designed to get the job done quickly, easy, and inexpensively with professional results.  Your occupation and success of other DIY projects doesn’t matter.
Step-by-Step Instructions
No more skipped steps or mysterious.  We cover a variety of concrete stain types and narrow down what is the best one for your floor.  Staining concrete isn’t a one size fits all project.


Your not the first person I’ve trained to produce an amazing stained concrete floor.

I’ve trained a number of employees, family members, friends, and now people I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting.

“After reading and watching the videos I had a much better understanding of how to handle my patio.  Like so many things I had a clear vision of what I wanted….I just lacked the knowledge of how to get it done.  This is a great resource.”
Nicole Toress Woonsocket, RI

We had gotten a bid to stain our basement floors, and the math just didn’t work.  Our budget was small and we needed some kind of an answer.  I read through the book, bought the supplies and ended up with a very neat looking floor.  ”

Clayton Kent Georgetown, KY

___I Don’t Need to Hear More…___

Let me Order the DIY Stained Concrete Guide Right Now

Listen up closely… If you got plan to Stain any Concrete, The “DIY Stained Concrete Guide” will be invaluable to you.

Make You project easy and hassle-free!

Don’t waste time and money trying to figuring out what type of products to use and how to do it, your just 5 minutes away from the most comprehensive resource yet.

This is NOT your ordinary, run of the mill Staining Instructions you find on the Internet. Make your concrete staining project hassle-free with detailed instructions, specific concrete staining products, material lists as well as professional tips along the way.

Take a look at this comparison chart…

Don’t Say “Yes”, Just Say “Maybe”

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

The DIY Stained Concrete Guide has proven itself time and again to so many happy customers and we stand behind our product.  Safely order today with our Iron-Clad Guarantee.

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If the “DIY Stained Concrete Guide” is not the most complete concrete staining resource you have ever seen…Send your request for a refund, and we will return 100% of your money back.

No Questions, No Hassles, No Problems

How Much Does it Cost?

How much would you pay to take any and all the headaches 

out of your concrete staining projects?

It’s Really just simple math…

- Over buying materials will cost you $50.00 – $100′s

- Multiple Stressful weekends (What are you worth?)

- Having to redo the whole floor $100′s – $1000+

- Having to hire Someone to Fix it $1000′s

You have the chance to do it right without the struggle, wasted time, and expense for just a Few Cents a sqft. Even if you only take away one small tip…it could hundreds in savings and a much nicer outcome.

Your Dinky One-Time Investment of

ONLY $297 $197 $97 $57

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That’s right.  Your Investment is only $57.  But let me be very clear with you.  It won’t last forever.  Other resources on concrete staining cost hundreds or thousands and not as comprehensive.  I reserve the right to raise this special launch price at any time, so please do not hesitate.

 Who is this product for?

The DIYer that takes pride in his work and want to make it look great.  You only have 1 shot!

The Time concerned professional or homeowners that wants to shorten the learning curve and get it done.

The Homeowner that’s wants an area stained but it’s to small to get a contractor to show up.

The budget minded DIYer.  You need to get great looking flooring, but just don’t have the budget.

The Concrete Staining Professional that has only been staining floor for a couple years and had little formal training.

The Home owner that is getting ready to build a house with a stained floor…So the builder or Subs don’t ruin your shot!

The Question is now….Are you going to Push the Easy Button, or Gamble?

I’m ready to download the “DIY Stained Concrete Guide” so I can save money and create a fantastic floor.

By taking action today, I understand that:

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DIY Stained Concrete Floors

Learn to stained the concrete floors in your house!

See you on the Inside, Dustin Hunter


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